1. What should I do to participate?
To participate in ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 you should be familiar with the conditions for participation and submit a contact e-mail. Please note that the number of places is limited and the stands will be reserved according to the order of requests.

2. What's included in the price, are there additional payments
All prices are final and detailed in the documents for participation. There will be no additional payments apart from those indicated.

3. What are the presentation tables?
Each presentation table is constructed of one / two joined tables covered with tablecloths. The total length of a presentation table is 180-200 cm, 80-100 cm in width. Behind it is an additional table that exhibitors can use to negotiate or according to their needs. Each presentation table goes with 3 chairs.

4. What advertising materials can we use?
Each exhibitor decides what materials they can use - brochures, posters and promotional product catalogs. The requirement set by the organizers is not to violate the integrity of the halls in which the forum will be held (gluing and nailing to the walls is not desirable).>“Gallery”.

5. Why does the forum last just one day?
The forum takes only one day because of the formula of the event - businesslike, working, effective.

6. Are visits to our presentation table guaranteed?
The halls in which ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 will be held are structured so that no presentation table could go unnoticed. The activity of the flow and keeping the visitors’ interest in the presentation table depends on the presenters themselves.

7. Who invites the visitors to the meeting?
The organizers of the meeting have the obligation to invite the entities referred to in the documents. Visitors are invited using the following channels: information posters in the resorts, e-mail invitations, invitations by fax, personal invitations, telephone contact.

8. Can we arrange our space in advance?
Yes, the stands can be arranged the previous day at the times, specified by the organizers.

9. Can we be accommodated at the hotel where the meeting will take place?
Yes, the hotels provides promotional accommodation for participants and guests of ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020. Prices are indicated in the documents for participation; booking can be done at the hotel reception or through the organizers of the event.