Working exhibition forum


will be held for the second consecutive year!

The date is:

April 2 nd

International hotel, Golden Sands Resort, Bulgaria

April 29 th

RIU Helios Paradize hotel,
Sunny Beach Resort, Bulgaria



ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 is a working exhibition forum that meets strategic business interests in the tourism industry. Being held right before the active summer season, the event provides the opportunity to present the full range of products and services required for the operation and good standard of each tourist site.

ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 is a professional platform based on a number of key features - strategic timing, excellent locations, the know-how of the organisation with proven effectiveness - this enables manufacturers and traders to achieve concrete positive results from their participation - sales, new contacts, stable partnerships, brand positioning, company and brand recognition.

ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 is a space in which, by exchanging information, ideas and getting legitimate feedback, the participants are best able to experience the pulse of the tourism industry, to orient themselves in the dynamics of market demand and supply and to take their proper place in the rich nomenclature needed for every hotel, restaurant, etc.

MARKETING / Intersection of supply and demand

Designed and realised as an effective marketing tool, ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020, forum is a product of in-depth research and detailed knowledge of the tourism industry and its needs.

After 16 years and more than 40 successful editions of the meeting-negotiation "Food and Beverage for Tourism", the event organiser – Patchwork Communications Agency, develops ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 as a stand-alone project that delivers through its most powerful resources: up-to-date and continuously developing databases for tourists sites, their potential and their key employees; a trained and motivated team working directly in and with each tourist site; responsible attitude towards each participant in the event.

With targeted and consistent actions, the profile of ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 is being built by identifying in detail both the needs of the tourism industry and the companies that have the resource and the portfolio to meet these needs.

ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 is an event precisely positioned and targeted to hotels and restaurants..

ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 expo focuses on the needs of hotels and restaurants within clearly defined areas.



ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 is organised by Patchwork Communications Agency, known in the industry, for over 16 years, with the largest and most effective specialised forum in the field of tourism food - "Food and Beverage for Tourism".

Personal invitations

Гостите на ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 are PERSONALLY invited and identified as currently interested individuals, which ensures high performance and business success throughout the event.

Locations and exhibition spaces

The event is held in the heart of the resorts Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, in easily accessible, logistically secured and known to the tourism representatives locations - International Hotel and RIU Helios Paradise Hotel.


The forum is realised at a time when the actual preparation for the season begins, the management teams of the tourist sites are filled and working, and the current necessities of all the products and services of the hotel/restaurant nomenclature are clear.

Additional services

Patchwork Communications Agency provides exhibitors with a number of additional services that offer additional value to the participants – GENUINE statistical report on the attendance of the event (detailed registration at the entrance of the forum), an informative presentation for all newly opened tourist sites on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the production of a Product Book and catalogue Key Products and Technologies which provide in advance and subsequent awareness of the products and services offered by the companies.

In 2020

ХОСТ ЕКСПО - 2020 - Sunny Beach is held in parallel with the forum "Food and Beverage for Tourism" (RIU Helios Paradise Hotel), which guarantees maximum interest and visitors.